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Silent Planet – Orphan

| Renco Schoemaker |
Silent Planet is hot. Net voor de zomer kwam het album Everything Was Sound uit, met daarop het nummer Orphan. Check vooral ook de video.

Silent Planet is hot. Ik zag ze inmiddels meerdere keren live en deelde hier al eerder het nummer Depths II. Net voor de zomer bracht het Solid State label, doorgaans hét label voor harde christelijke herrie, twee sterke albums uit: Integral van Forevermore en Everything Was Sound van Silent Planet (5 sterren op JFH!). Deed mij direct denken aan het album Lost in the Sound of Separation van Underoath. Anyway, ik hoorde frontman Garrett Russell in de podcast van Silverstein zanger Shane Told (zie onderaan) en daar kregen ze het over dit nummer Orphan, en de bijbehorende video. Ziet en luistert voor uzelf.

Video clip


Respective perspectives worshiping directives – blindly killing for our dogma,[1] until our sons meet in the garden.[2] Torches scald the night sky; the youth rise up and set their elders to the gallows.[3] Fire in the lighthouse: All our advances, a spark away from conflagration.

In the night I saw you fall, oh wicked star,[4] illuminate our hate, show us who we really are.

Books were burned away – only swords remained.[5] The prophets died for peace, stabbed by preying priests. As the wise man said I’ll keep my heart and lose my head.[6] Without a neck how can I sink with a millstone to the bottom of the sea?[7] The bottom of the sea – and I’m finding the violence – it looks like me.

Singing songs of life when all we know is death.[8] A world of orphans[9] left empty-handed. If love’s a sin I’ll become a heretic.

Recurring intervention:[10] Framing the narrative to cleanse our tainted conscience.[11] Harvesting destruction: Reaping the sow from weapons planted in the soil.[12]

Terrified little son, encumbered by your sword, you can hide your fear but won’t shed the sheer weight of your own humanity – humanity. You can face me towards the mountains[13] where I meet our Mother’s gaze.[14] Too blinded by this hatred to recognize your brother’s face.[15]

Singing songs of life when all we know is death. A world of orphans left empty-handed.

I’ll collapse – head parting from my weary shoulders – seeds of life spilling from my palms.[16] Subverting love[17] will take hold in this hateful soil; my blood is the water. Inshallah, Shalom. Love will take hold.[18]

1 The clash of violent Jihadists and western imperialism
2 The Fertile Crescent
3 The most common, and often overlooked, victims of violent Jihad are peaceful Muslims.
4 Luke 10:18
5 The United States has dropped 20,000 bombs in Iraq and Syria in the last year.
6 Mark 6:14-29
7 Luke 17:2
8 Shane Claiborne, Jesus for President
9 Over one billion children are currently experiencing deprivation of basic needs.
10 Noam Chomsky, Failed States
11 Stanley Hauerwas, War and the American Difference
12 Iran-Contra affair (1985-1987) and more current instances of Western supply of weapons to unstable regions for means of political and economic capital.
13 Golgotha
14 Acts 7:54-60
15 The twins, torn apart by war, reunite – one the prisoner, one the executioner.
16 Tertullian, Apologeticus
17 John Howard Yoder, The Politics of Jesus
18 If you would like to make an immediate impact in the lives of orphans around the world, you can learn more and donate to World Vision: Stay informed about the plight of refugees around the world at:



ps. ook aan te raden: het nummer Panic Room

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