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The Skeezix Dilemma

| Renco Schoemaker |
In de trash metal is Tourniquet een serieuze naam. Met The Skeezix Dilemma Part I & II leverden ze in 1992 en 2000 bizar mooie muziek af.

In het genre ’trash metal’ opereert de band Tourniquet al jaren in de hogere regionen. In 1992 (jawel) kwam het album Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance uit waarop ik in de jaren 90 werd getipt door, hoe kan het ook anders, mijn zwager Len. Nu houd ik van lange nummers en laat op dit album met deze obscure titel het (lange) nummer The Skeezix* Dilemma staan. Heerlijk bizar. Op het album Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm kwam een vervolg met wederom heerlijke riffs, drums, solo’s en vreemde vocals: The Skeezix Dilemma Part II (The Improbable Testimony Of The Pipsisewah). Mooi hoe beide nummers opbouwen naar prachtige slotminuten. Daarom vandaag deze ode aan de Skeezix!

* Jivin’ cool slang fo’ a total loser, lamer, pencil necked geek. (bron)

The Skeezix Dilemma


Silly childhood game – Uncle Wiggily
I cower in abject horror
Approaching space number 109
Home of the gaunt and haggard shell of the Skeezix

The emaciated figure
Harboring the greed of a thousand
Invading, thriving, ascaris whittles away
The self confidence of young minds
Casting doubt that they will
Ever reach the finish
To see for themselves
The segacious Uncle Wiggily

His mission now is complete
The arboreal king of misery and woe
Skeezix reposes high on a knotty forest crag
And the child still tries his best to
Stay in the game
But with insufficient, no volition
Plotted course of demolition
Goes through all the motions
Musing caveat emptor and
A predetermined failure

He draws a card and all his fears come true
Advance to 109
That’s what you have to do

When Mr. Skeezix becomes Mr. Jones
Or you, or me
Just think of what it does to wreck
A child of two or three
They know and feel much more than
We will give them credit for
And all they want in life from you
Is love and nothing more
When painful eyes begin to cringe
When you walk through the door
Remember children are a gift of love
Sent from the Lord

The Skeezix Dilemma Part II


[I. The Suffering]

Skeezix bloated in petulance from the night’s debauch
Wields his mutated feline frame down from his arboreal watch
Space 109 is always occupied by the countless faces who tried and tried
Bruises from an unseen source as chronic abuser runs his course

There is no remorse

Sinewy limbs reach through the bars to collect the carcasses of souls
Given over the deeds of infamy, Skeezix took his toll

The ungainly truncated form of the docile Pipsisewah
Subtle in demeanor yet with powers that beggar description

They call him by different names
Some call him Gilgamesh, the man who has never tasted death

The size of the room is half as large cause you walked around it twice
And you walk again with both eyes shut cause your fears became your vice

[II. The Battle]

Tormentor underestimating the power of the Pipsisewah
Confrontation on the grandest scale the outcome already known
The child whose humble prayer set the battle of ages

Torment no more

[III. The Victory]

We call him Jehovah who’s always near
And you can win the battle when you pray without fear
The weak are victorious when the strong reaches down
And the ones who bring sadness will bow to the Crown

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